In July, 2018, Gateway added a home in Charlottesville serving individuals discharged from Western State Hospital. The home is licensed by DBHDS for supervised living residential.  Here individuals are assisted in their continuing recovery by gaining their independence and developing skills to live in the community. Goals of our individuals include maintaining medication adherence, developing skills for daily living, obtaining employment, enrolling in educational courses, volunteering at local agencies, and maintaining a home.  Staffing is present 24 hours per day 7 days per week for assistance and monitoring.  Additional psychiatric, nursing, and pharmacy services are provided as well as free payee services.

For more information or the location address of the home, please contact the Program Director.

Domonique A. Wilson LMHP-R
Resident in Counseling for LPC
Program Director, Eastern Region
Gateway Homes, Inc.
Ph.   757-634-7650
Fax.   757-645-2710

Download a copy of Gateway Homes’ Resident Admissions Application.