Eastern Region

Gateway Homes. Inc.

Williamsburg and Norfolk

This program has joined with Health Planning Region V and Eastern State Hospital to offer services for individuals transitioning out of the State Hospital. This program has two homes located in the City of Williamsburg and James City County. One home is designed as an Intensive Care Residential Facility and the other is designed as a Transitional Group Home. The goal for these individuals is to continue their recovery by gaining their independence and developing skills to live in the community. Goals of our individuals include working, taking college courses, maintaining medication compliance, volunteering at local agencies, and keeping a home.

On staff we have a psychiatrist, peer specialist, nurse, and recovery support staff that are in the homes 24/7.

Program Contacts

For more information about the admission process, please call 804-712-4058.

For more information regarding the location address of the home or additional clinical information, please contact Melissa Stiltoner at 804-712-4058.